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April 22 - May 6, 2009

For Immediate Release

W. M. Brady and Co. is pleased to present Tibet, an exhibition of new pastels and drawings by Tim Lovejoy. The exhibition will run from April 22nd until May 6th. It follows the artist's previous shows on Cambodia, Laos, Burma, and Vietnam into the impossibly remote world of Tibet, the heart of Buddhist Asia. It opens fifty years almost to the day from the flight of the very young Dalai Lama across the Himalayas to India, fleeing the tightening noose of the ever more brutal Chinese rule.

Despite, or perhaps as a result of the harsh, barren environment of high altitude desert, rock and glacier, the Tibetans have filled their world with color, and pastel, made from pure pigment, and Mr. Lovejoy's preferred medium, is perfectly suited to capturing this amazing range of colors. It is the vibrant colors of Tibet that is the subject of the current exhibition, from the tall, red monasteries with their gleaming golden roofs to the multi-colored prayer flags flapping everywhere in the icy wind. Gaudy hangings festoon the interiors of the prayer halls, monks' robes are shown in their rich reds, yellows and blues, and pilgrims' dark black and plum jackets are lined with screaming turquoise, cobalts and pinks. Even farm animals, yaks and horses, are draped in cascades of colored plumes, feathers and flags. Exotic and remote to western eyes, little known or visited, Tibet was of interest to Mr. Lovejoy from childhood; it was The Fire Ox and Other Years, an account of travels in Tibet by family friend Suydam Cutting, supposedly the first American to travel there, which originally sparked the artist's interest in this part of the world.

All of the pastels and drawings in the current exhibition can be viewed on this website. For further information, please contact or at W. M. Brady & Co., (212) 249-7212 .